France is one of the United Kingdom’s leading trading partners and many of our students need to speak French in a professional context. Whether you work in the fields of trade, finances, IT, fashion, we can teach you how to communicate efficiently.

Business French lessons are specially task-oriented. This means we are going to focus on what you need to achieve at work. It could be making an appointment, writing an email with the correct level of language, making a presentation, negotiating, giving instructions to your team, selling a product, etc.




French Teachers’ Collective offer professional group courses for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced levels. We offer General French Lessons and Business French Lessons in companies with an emphasis on specific vocabulary related to your sector (finance, legal, fashion, sales, etc.) depending on your needs. All of our teachers have a proven track record in the business world, with courses of 1 to 7 students.



One-to-one lessons ensure an optimal progress for the student, who will benefit from all the teacher attention and a bespoke program. Our lessons follow a communicative approach that allows students you to develop their your conversational skill whilst getting a strong foundation in grammar. Grammar is always taught within a context, always in order to communicate a message.

Our courses can be set up in your office companies, whatever your level. Before the start of the course, we will define your needs together and assess the students to ensure the best progress of each individual and all groups.




Learn French with the best approach

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