Are you learning French on your own and having difficulties? Do you have a business project in a French-speaking country? Do you want to brush up your previously learned French? Have you always wanted to learn French to communicate with your partner's family members?




Digital tools now allow simple and intuitive use of online language teaching methods. At French Teachers' Collective, we carefully integrate new technological tools to smooth the learning process such as Hangouts MeetMicrosoft Teams [Skype for Business] or Zoom video conference platform, virtual boards, shared online documents - changeable in real time by the teacher and the student, as well as the use of audio and video files.


Please note we only offer French lessons for learners aged 15 and over.




The transport time is considerably reduced, so our availability and yours are much greater, that increases the opportunities to stall an online French course in a filled agenda - with the desired level of comfort.




Editing by the French teacher but also by the student, conservation and possibility of consulting the study material at any time, monitoring of homework ... All this is possible with shared documents. You are in perfect control of your learning.


Online French lessons also allow the student to take control of the educational tools (typed, audio and video), allowing the teacher to adapt in real time to his level and expectations.




Learn French with the best approach


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