We specialise in teaching small groups as well as individuals. All of our French teachers have been working in London for several years now and love teaching in this diverse and dynamic city. The students we teach privately come from very different professional fields : solicitors, opera singer, architects, investors, digital executives, wine waiters, teachers, graphic designers, accountants, and so many more.

Private French tuition is the best way to improve your French in a very short time, especially with one of our dedicated teachers up to speed with the best methods of learning. Our teachers can also support you for all types of French exams.





Our lessons follow a didactic program based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. We favour a communicative approach, which focuses on the interactions. Even if you are a complete beginner, you are definitely going to speak some French during the first lesson! We work on the four skills of language learning - reading, listening, writing and speaking - which allow an individual to understand and produce spoken language for an effective communication.   However, keep in mind that we always tailor lessons for our students based on their profile and objective. Every student has a different learning style and goal. Our teachers provide a truly dynamic and enjoyable educational experience and shape your courses according to your expectations.


"Very adaptable in providing a teaching style pertinent to my interests and personality. Therefore I am never bored, and able to get the most out of every lesson, as I feel that everything I'm learning is relevant to me. As a result I have been able to use the French I have learned in practice when travelling in France."

We understand that language and culture are intertwined. The more one learns a language the more one understands a culture and a country. All our teachers are native French speakers and therefore offer students a real insight into the many rich French and Francophone cultures! Our lessons  take into consideration the cultural aspects of living in a French-speaking country so you’ll learn about lifestyle, food, cinema, literature and politics.

"Each week we discussed different topics, covering a wide variety of subject areas, from literature to politics. This was brilliant for improving my vocabulary."


Nicolas Founder of French Teachers' Collective

Born in Paris,  I started my career as a telecommunications engineer. In 2014, I began a journey across Europe and America. It was by learning different languages and cultures that I developed the vocation to teach languages to children and adults. I began in associations, then as a private tutor, before coming to London in 2016 to train professionally and launch my career as a teacher.

I have strong experience in designing courses and transmitting knowledge for a specific purpose e.g. for general conversation or for business French. I am open-minded and have a wide range of interests. My experiences have led me to enjoy working in a more collaborative, exchange-based way with teachers from different backgrounds, to teach French the best way to our clients.



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