At French Teachers' Collective, we use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​for learning, teaching and assessment of French (CEFR scales). This instrument makes it possible to accurately and consistently assess the level of language skills and encourages the development of a quality language project.

According to the Council of Europe, this tool is used in Europe but also in other continents and it is available in 40 languages!


Level A1 : understand and use familiar words "Hello, how are you?", can introduce themselves simply (age, city, job).

Level A2 : can understand sentences and can communicate with simple and direct exchanges.

Level B1 : can understand the main points of a conversation on a nonspecific theme.

Level B2 : can understand the main points of a complex conversation or an abstract subject, including in their chosen field. Can interact with natives. Can produce sentences and explain their opinions.


Level C1 : can understand to an extended panel of the language, long complex text knows how to recognize the implicit points, can express themselves spontaneously.

Level C2 : can understand with ease almost the totality of language, knows how to synthesize the different materials with coherence. Express themselves fluently with precision.



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